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How do I prepare and tag my items?

Please read all the information below before you begin the tagging process.



1. Once you have printed your tag, you may NOT change anything in the computer system. The barcode is encrypted with the information you had in the system when you printed the tag. So, if you change the price, discount, etc. by writing on the tag, then the computer will not scan the changes.

2. IF you need to change information on an item- like lowering the price- then you will need to REPRINT the tag and replace the old tag.

3. IF you transfer items from a previous sale into this sale, you may leave the original tags on the items as long as your consignor number has not changed and you did NOT change any information such as the price or discount. If anything is updated, you will need to reprint the tag.

4. Make tag descriptions as complete as possible. For example, instead of using “navy shirt” as a description, use something like “Navy Carter's Cupcake Tank.” The better description enables us to locate your items easily in the system should the tag get lost. We cannot sell lost tag items unless we can locate the item in the computer. A better description ensures your items will always be able to be sold.

5. If you are printing tags from a MAC computer, you may need to shrink them to 95% in order for them to print properly. My Consignment Manager does not support MAC, but can typically be used with few issues. If issues continue, please log in to your account using a PC.


Step 1: Enter all information into your MyConsignement Manager account via our website log-in.

   The sale will be "LOCKED" at 5am on Saturday, July 8th, and you will no longer be able to enter items. You will still be able to print your tags, but no corrections, additions or changes can be made after the sale is LOCKED.

Step 2: Print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK. Then cut them apart. Be sure not to cut any of the barcode.

Step 3: Gather your supplies.

     child size plastic hangers, (you may use adult size plastic hangers for clothing sizes 5 or larger,) various ziplock bag sizes, clear packing tape, safety pins, zip ties or ribbon/raffia.


Step 4: Hang your items with the hanger facing to the left as shown in the pictures below.  

Step 5:  For sets on more than one hanger put the hangers together with a rubber band or ziptie.

Step 6:  If you have accessories that are part of the outfit put them in a ziploc bag and push it through the top of the hanger.

Step 7: Pants and skirts should be secured to the top of the hanger with safety pins or zip-ties.

Step 8: When facing the garmet, put the tag in the right seam of the garment where it meets the armpit seam if using a tagging gun. If using a safety pin please pin it to the right side of the garment. Try to choose a location that will not be injured by the safety pin. See picture.


1.   Infant gowns and onesies MUST be on hangers.

2.  All clothing must be hung. No clothing will be accepted in ziplock bags.

3.  Please secure tags to gear or large toys with clear packing tape, zip ties or

     ribbon. Tip: Write your consignor number and the item number and price on

     a piece of masking tape and tape it to the bottom of larger gear or toys. If

     a tag falls off, we will be able to easily look up your tag information.

4. Do not put shoes in plastic bags or shoeboxes.  Use ribbon or raffia to tie

     them together.

5. Place small accessory pieces or small toys in ziploc bags. Place the tag

     inside the bag and seal the bag shut with packing tape.

6. Never cover the barcode. If you MUST, then cover it with clear packing tape

     and make sure there are no creases or wrinkles.

General Tagging Instructions


Click HERE for the Beach Bums manual outlining directions for more advanced use of the MyCM website and account.

Start by selecting your BEST items! Items should be in like new condition. Beach Bums Consignment promises its shoppers the highest of quality!

Please reference our acceptable items page. You do not want to waste time preparing items that you cannot sell at Beach Bums.


Carefully examine each clothing item for any stains, holes, excessive wear, or smells. Replace any missing buttons. Click HERE for a great stain removal guide!

Zip zippers, sew loose hems, snap snaps, tie all bows.

Make sure that all garments are pressed. Pressed items may become slightly wrinkled during the organization of the sale, but they will still stay in much better presentation than non-ironed items.

Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first on the hanger. Turn around and pin the second item “back to back” – making sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin. (This allows both pieces to be easily seen)


Small accessories that go with an outfit, such as tights, socks, belts, and hair bows allow you to increase the selling price. Place these items in a zip-loc bag, secure with packaging tape and pin to the back of the hanger. Please include on the tag description that the item includes accessories.


Clean them thoroughly. Only clean items will be accepted at the sale! Wash anything that can go in the dishwasher or washing machine. Then, wipe down everything else. It's amazing what a toothbrush can do!

Ensure your items are not missing any parts! If you purchased an item with all included parts, be sure to resell that item with all included parts.

Double-check all books. There should be no missing pages, no marks on any pages and no torn pages.

Make sure items that require batteries are OPERATIONAL!


Tips on packaging/preparing your items so that tags are not lost, pieces are not separated and it has a better chance of selling.

1.  WE LOVE ZIP TIES! They never come undone and do not mess up the look of the item.

2.  Zip tie shoes together and loop the tag onto the zip tie by punching a hole in the corner of the tag and putting the zip tie through it before tying the shoes together. Shoes come apart frequently during a sale. When a pair of shoes is separated, they don't sell! They only get rematched at the end of the sale as we sort. This doesn't help you. Tape on the bottom of shoes also falls off. We have many shoe tags that get lost. Shoes in a ziplock bag do not sell as well as shoes that are out and easy for a buyer to touch and examine.

3. Zip tie two hangers together when you are selling more than one piece. For example- you have a pair of pants and a sweater that is being sold as a set. Hang separately and zip tie together.

4.  Zip tie your tag to baby equipment or large toys. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag and loop it through the tag and a part of the stroller, toy, etc.

5.  If you have a toy with many pieces, you can put the loose pieces in a ziplock bag, punch a hole in the corner of the bag and then zip tie the bag to the toy. It is best if you tape the ziplock shut.

6.  If you place an item in a ziplock bag, tape the bag shut. Little hands have a way of opening bags and losing items or tags.