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1. REGISTER HERE if you are a new or returning consignor. You will pay a

   $15 registration fee at the time of registration and sign a consignor

   agreement. (Fee may increase to $20 in June)

2. Select a Drop Off Appointment. Sign in to your account to choose a

     time. Click HERE to view Drop off information. Drop off opens May 1st.

3. Carefully review the acceptable and unacceptable items lists.

     In addition, clothing items shouldn't be more than 5 yrs old and must

     be in great condition, clean, and free of pet or smoke odor, stains,

     rips, tears or missing buttons. Toys must be in perfect working

     condition, only showing slight wear. Batteries must be in toys that

     require batteries. There are seasonal clothing restrictions on each

     sale. Please check the acceptable item list for specifics.

4. Gather and prepare your items. Click HERE for instructions on how to

      prepare your items.

5. Enter your items into the MyCM online barcoding system.

The sale will be "LOCKED" at 6am on Sunday, July 8th, and you will no longer be able to enter items. You will still be able to print your tags, but no corrections, additions or changes can be made after the sale is LOCKED.

     If you do not get all your items entered, you can email us about our     

     "restocking" option. This will allow you to continue to enter items even after

     the sale has been locked.

     Click here for a video tutorial on entering items into the computer


6. Tag your items. You will need: cardstock, safety pins, zip-ties, large and

      small ziplock bags and hangers. Click HERE for tagging instructions.

7. Sort and group your clothing items. Gender and size should be

     together. (For example: all 2T girls clothes should be grouped

     together with ribbon, raffia, or zipties.)Clothing must be sorted and

     grouped at Drop Off.

8.  Drop Off your items at your reserved appointment time.

9.  Shop early at the consignor presale!

10.  Pick-up any items that did not sell and you do not want donated

     during the posted pick-up times.

11. Pick up your check at pick-up or receive your check in the mail

     within a week of the pick-up date!

tagging items

July 2018 Summer Event

July consignor requirement basics

1.  You will pay a $15 registration fee at the time of registration and sign

     a consignor agreement. (Fee inceases to $20 on June 1st.)  

     Registration fee is non-refundable.      

2. A minimum of 10 acceptable clothing items or $150 is required to

    qualify for a consignor presale pass.  

3. Earn 50% of your total sales. Volunteer for four hours and earn 65%.

4. Beginning May 1st, sign-up for a drop-off time.

    Drop off items during your reserved drop-off time. A friend or relative

    may drop off the items for you. Items will only be accepted during

    the drop off times. There will be no exceptions.

5. Follow all tagging and drop-off/pick-up instructions. See below.


detailed step-by-step consignor instructions