beach bums

the peninsula's premier children's consignment event

Website Building Application

Basic Consignor Basic Guidelines


       Earn 50% of your sales

       Volunteer 4 hours or more- earn 65% of your sales

       Drop off is Sunday, July 8th.

       Pick-up is 6pm-8pm Saturday, July 14th

       300 item maximum- 10 item minimum

       Only 10 pieces of sizes newborn, 3 month and 6 month

       You may guarentee up to 25 items.

       We will not guarantee any item priced below $15.

       You must follow tagging instructions.

       Use only plastic hangers.

       Only bring acceptable items to drop-off.

      It is your responsibility to read detailed consignor guidelines, tagging instructions and acceptable/unacceptable item and brand list.

Click HERE for more detailed instructions on becoming a consignor.